About Aircraft Donation and Giving Center

Welcome to one of the leading online aircraft donation sites in the US. For years AirCraftDonation.Org has accepted various kinds of used aircraft including helicopters, seaplanes, light sport planes, and business jets along with aircraft parts and tools. Your generous donation allows us to serve communities and provide charitable assistance to those less fortunate.

If donating aircraft to charity seems unusual, that's because it is! Not many charitable organizations are equipped to handle such large donations. But over the years AirCraftDonation has received a large number of aircraft, parts, and tools, making us one of the biggest aircraft donation organizations in the US. Our highly talented and professional staff are experts at generating the highest possible financial returns from your aircraft donation. We repair and refurbish your plane as needed to maximize the benefits for the many worthy causes we support. Plus, you can take advantage of the highest Fair Market Tax Deduction allowed by the IRS.

We would love to start a conversation today to help you begin the simple process of donating your used aircraft through aircraftdonation.org. At AirCraft Donation we help you move on with your flight plans easily without undue delay or burden. We realize that better efficiency means we can more ably serve communities around the world. Fundamentally, our mission is to continue to play a significant role in solving today's most pressing social problems, to be a perennial equalizer in communities across the US and abroad no matter the economic or political climate. When you donate aircraft to aircraftdonation.org you become part of the solution.

The potential for AircraftDonation to improve the lives of families and individuals in need--to be that all-important force that helps someone turn their life around-- depends on your satisfaction. So we strive to make our online donation process as straightforward as possible. Over the years we have fine-tuned our aircraft donation process to take take the stress out of liquidating your used plane. We send you all of the necessary Tax Documents so you can rest assured that your donation fully complies with all IRS regulations. Our online donation form takes only a few minutes to fill out. Soon after you complete the application, one of our friendly and professional representatives will call you to schedule a pick-up at your convenience, anywhere in the US and Canada at absolutely NO COST to you.


AirCraftDonation.Org partners with Giving Center (EIN# 46-1883892), a nationwide 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization. Together with their other affiliate charitable networks, Giving Center and AirCraftDonation handle many types of charitable donations, making it easy to donate used car, RV, boat, yacht, other ships, and of course used aircraft and plane parts & tools. Giving Center and their charitable partners have made positive headlines in Google News, the Examiner, and Forbes magazine with an up-to-date stream of newsworthy stories. Donate aircraft to charity.

Donate Aircraft - any kind, model, or year - whether it flies or not!

Help those in need and receive the highest possible Fair Market Tax Deduction!