Contact Aircraft Donation & Giving Center are here to help. Donate your used aircraft, helicopter, home-built aircraft, aircraft parts or tools to aircraft donation to help families and communities in need while benefiting from the maximum fair market tax deduction possible. Our passion for responsible social service shapes the way we handle each airplane donation. We are able to think big and help a wide range of worthy causes world wide because of your charitable aircraft donation.

Feel free to contact Aircraft Donation by calling toll free (888)-228-7320 or just complete the contact form below. Soon after the completion of the contact form, you will be contacted by one of our friendly and professional representatives.


AirCraftDonation.Org partners with The Giving Center.. Together with their other affiliate charitable networks, Giving Center and AirCraftDonation handle many types of charitable donations, making it easy to donate used car, RV, boat, yacht, other ships, and of course used aircraft and plane parts & tools. Giving Center and their charitable partners have made positive headlines in Google News, the Examiner, and Forbes magazine with an up-to-date stream of newsworthy stories. Donate aircraft to charity.

Donate Aircraft - any kind, model, or year - whether it flies or not!

Help those in need and receive the highest possible Fair Market Tax Deduction!