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Your private business jet made the entire world your backyard. Whether you made Carmen San Diego look like a home body or used your bizjet to fly others around the world, donating a private jet to charity is a great way to part with your old plane. AircraftDonation has the heart of a charitable organization with the know-how of an elite business enterprise. We have staff members who can generate the most out of your private jet donation, quickly and easily.

When you make the decision to donate your jet to AircraftDonation, the funding from your charitable gift is used to support many worthy charitable causes worldwide. Our online aircraft donation form has been streamlined to encompass all necessary information while remaining extremely user friendly, secure, and fast. Fill out our simple donation form today if you’d like to donate single/double/triple/four-engine jet, very light jet (VLJ), Light Jet (LJ), Midsize Jet, Super Midsize Jet, Large Cabin Jet, Heavy Jet, or any other kind of business jet. AirCraftDonation is one of the few charitable organizations in the US qualified to handle large jet donations. For years we have turned private jet donations into unparallelled sources of charitable income. And of course you receive the highest fair market tax deduction possible.

The reason AircraftDonation has had such a huge impact in providing assistance to a wide array of worthy charitable causes is that we accept unique gifts. Business jets are undoubtedly valuable. We focus that value on our humanitarian efforts. Our mission is the same for all aircraft donations: to lend a helping hand to families and individuals going through hard times. Private business jet donations help us achieve our philanthropic goals on a much larger scale. On top of becoming a member of the Giving Center family, you are eligible to claim the highest fair market tax deduction allowed by the IRS. Call Toll Free at (888) 228-7320


AirCraftDonation.Org partners with The Giving Center.. Together with their other affiliate charitable networks, Giving Center and AirCraftDonation handle many types of charitable donations, making it easy to donate used car, RV, boat, yacht, other ships, and of course used aircraft and plane parts & tools. Giving Center and their charitable partners have made positive headlines in Google News, the Examiner, and Forbes magazine with an up-to-date stream of newsworthy stories. Donate aircraft to charity.

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