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Donate Single Engine Aircraft

Single Propeller Aircraft Donations to Charity

Donate Single Engine Aircraft - Tax Deductible

Donate a Single Engine Prop Plane to charity for unmatched financial returns. Aircraft Donation maximizes the resale value of your used single engine prop airplane donation to make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate. When you make the decision to join our family by donating your plane, you become eligible to claim the highest possible Appraised Value Tax Deduction allowed by the IRS.

Our 501c3 nonprofit charity is composed of a highly talented and professional staff who are not only humanitarians but also aviation enthusiasts. We realize that a single-engine prop offers an exhilarating experience for its pilot. Its beautiful simplicity makes it the perfect aircraft for those who know the true definition of adventure.

At Aircraft Donation we realize that flight plans change for many reasons. Our adventure is turning your airplane donation into an extremely powerful charitable tool. Throughout the years we have helped hundreds of donors gift their single engine airplanes with the most popular being: Beechcraft A36, Daher Kodiak, Piper Meridian, Socata TBM, Piper Jetprop, Cessna P210 and Caravan 208’s.

Donate any single-engine prop plane to our charity and receive a generous tax deduction along with the satisfaction of knowing that because of you, a worthy causes or someone in crisis will get the help they need.

Sometimes the aircraft we receive are fully repaired so they can be sold for their highest fair market value. This benefits the communities we serve because it enables us to think big about how we do charity. Also, the value of your donation is maximized so you receive the highest possible Appraised Value Tax Deduction allowed by the IRS! Complete the following donation form or call (888)-228-7320 today to get started and arrange a FREE pick-up!

Single Engine Prop

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