Airplane Donations

We make it easy for aircraft owners to donate airplanes, helicopters, corporate jets, seaplanes, experimental, ultralights or aircraft electronics, parts and tools.. When you donate your aircraft, your generous donation allows us to serve those in need and provide charitable assistance to those less fortunate. All aircraft donations receive a fair market tax deduction.

Your aircraft donation will make a big difference to those in need! Giving Center is a registered nationwide 501(c)3 not for profit charitable organization that serves to help a wide range of causes nationwide with a focus on education and the ultimate improvement of the lives of those less fortunate.

Donate Single Engine Prop Plane

Donate airplane that uses a single engine prop as the primary power source. MUCH Easier than Selling!

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Donate Multi Engine Prop Plane

Donate Aircraft powered by 2 + engines as main power source. Multi Engine Prop aircraft donations.

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Donate Jet Aircraft

Donate Airplane powered by one or more jet engine turbines. Business jet, private jet - Tax Deductible.

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Donate Helicopter

Whether your whirlybird touches the sky or stays in the hangar - donate helicopter and make a difference!

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Donate Seaplane / Float Plane

Skippers of both sea and sky - Donate pontoon float plane whether she flies or floats the days away.

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Donate Warplane / Classic Aicraft

Classic is timeless, flight plans are not. Donate Classic aircraft / War Plane to charity.

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Donate Kit Plane / Experimental

You built her from scratch, now let your kit plane serve as a tool to help the less fortunate by donating.

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Donate Ultralight / Light Sport

A lightweight plane is a heavyweight contribution to charity. Donate ultralight plane to charity.

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Donate Aircraft Parts / Pilot Supplies

Don’t have time to build a flying Frankenstein? Donate your used aircraft parts and tools today!

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