Donate Helicopter to Charity

Thank Da Vinci for inspiring the modern day helicopter. But where did he keep his notes on how to get rid of one? If you’re thinking about liquidating your used chopper let Aircraft Donation make it an easy experience. Having trouble selling your helicopter? Are Hangar prices becoming a real nuisance? Aircraft Donation accepts helicopters of any manufacturer, model, and year. We’ll accept your used helicopter even if it doesn’t run.

Donate Light-piston engine helicopter, light turbine helicopters, twin engined helicopters, Sky Crane, firefighting helicopter, ambulance/rescue helicopter, military helicopter, or any type of helicopter and receive the highest Fair Market Tax Deduction allowed by the IRS. Our online aircraft donation form takes only a few minutes to fill out. AircraftDonation is one of the biggest helicopter donation programs in the US. For years we have accepted helicopter donations to make a difference in communities across the US. Join us today by filling out our fast and easy donation form. You can arrange a time and place for pick-up any where in the US. Donating your used Helicopter to charity lets you move on with your plans instead of having to play the role of salesman. You have enough to worry about without trying to haggle for the best selling price.

AircraftDonation was formed under the philosophy that to make a real difference in the world, it helps to think big. One way to do this is to accept large helicopter donations from folks who don’t want to hang on to their used aircraft. We take pride in lifting the weight off your shoulders because it means we can be the spark that helps the less fortunate turn their lives around. Also, donating your used helicopter to charity is a great way to receive a large Fair Market Tax Deduction, which in many cases beats the financial returns of selling your chopper yourself!


AirCraftDonation.Org partners with The Giving Center.. Together with their other affiliate charitable networks, Giving Center and AirCraftDonation handle many types of charitable donations, making it easy to donate used car, RV, boat, yacht, other ships, and of course used aircraft and plane parts & tools. Giving Center and their charitable partners have made positive headlines in Google News, the Examiner, and Forbes magazine with an up-to-date stream of newsworthy stories. Donate aircraft to charity.

Donate Aircraft - any kind, model, or year - whether it flies or not!

Help those in need and receive the highest possible Fair Market Tax Deduction!