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Donate Lightweight, Microlight, Ultralight, or Sport Planes to charity.
As a long-standing member of the aviation community, AircraftDonation receives a diverse assortment of planes ranging from heavy passenger jets to ultra-light aircraft and sport planes. We see civil aircraft such as Microlight and Ultralight planes are valuable assets that directly benefit communities and individuals in desperate need of support. Donate your ultralight or sport plane to charity and receive a generous current market value tax deduction!

If your used ultralight plane is stopping you from moving on with your flight plans, due to few prospective buyers or a lack of time, donating to our charity is a fast and easy way to part with your aircraft. There are many definitions of a lightweight plane depending on the regulatory authority you ask. Aircraft donation accepts any lightweight, microlight, ultralight, or sport plane anywhere in the US at no cost to you! Donate one-seat/two seat ultralight, electric powered ultralight, powered hang glider, 2-Axis control ultralight, 3-Axis control ultralight, weight-shift control bike, hot air balloon, powered parachute, powered paragliding aircraft, autogyro, ultralight helicopter, or any class and subtype of lightweight plane. The market for ultralight and sport planes can be especially tough given strict regulations and safety concerns. But at AircraftDonation we strive to maximize the selling price of every ultralight/sport plane we receive in order to reach out humanitarian goals. You also receive the highest possible Fair Market Tax Deduction possible, making donating ultralight or sport planes to charity the right call.

If your ultralight/sport plane is sitting in storage, you know it’s time to send it away. Why not make a difference in the world and receive a tax deduction by donating your used microlight, ultralight, or sport plane to AircraftDonation? Lightweight planes require especially skillful pilots, which can make prospective buyers extremely hard to come by. Rather than having to make room in your life for a plane you no longer wish to own, donate used ultralight or sport plane to charity for great financial rewards. Call us Toll Free at (888) 228-7320 to schedule a free pick-up any where in the US!


AirCraftDonation.Org partners with The Giving Center.. Together with their other affiliate charitable networks, Giving Center and AirCraftDonation handle many types of charitable donations, making it easy to donate used car, RV, boat, yacht, other ships, and of course used aircraft and plane parts & tools. Giving Center and their charitable partners have made positive headlines in Google News, the Examiner, and Forbes magazine with an up-to-date stream of newsworthy stories. Donate aircraft to charity.

Donate Aircraft - any kind, model, or year - whether it flies or not!

Help those in need and receive the highest possible Fair Market Tax Deduction!